Origin Story



Our mission is to provide one of a kind works of art that invoke creative thoughts, feelings and inspiration.


Brand story

LOSTBONES. is a new brand created by an experienced brand owner.


Creative, Ashton Watson-Jones, felt like his current brand had reached its last leg. The brand was a project that started in 2013 that carried a lot of weight from his past and present and he felt that something fresh was in order to put old things to rest.

So he decided to start from square one.

 One night he was brainstorming, trying to create a name for the new project and LOSTBONES. came to mind. He wasn’t sure why yet, but he stuck with it.

 A couple of days later he and his fiancée were having a conversation about the want to explore and try new things. He was saying that he couldn’t see himself losing that want and neither could she. His fiancée stated that some people believe that want to  constantly explore is your search for something to fill a void within yourself. Or in other words, you are LOST.

 This conversation made him realize why the name stood out to him that night.


This brand is for the individual who has that want and will never lose it. The want to Forever Create & Explore. You are